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apathy (AP uh thee) (s) (noun), apathies (pl)
1. A lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference: There was widespread apathy among the voters, seemingly as the result of the ongoing scandals involving some elected officials.
2. Indolence of mind, not caring about what is calculated to move the feelings, or to excite interest or action: The sound of the waves of the ocean and the warmth of the sun on the beach brought on a general sense of apathy among the tourists visiting the popular island resort.
3. Freedom from, or insensibility to, suffering, hence no passion or feeling; a passionless existence: From 1847, Lewes Historical Philosophy, "Apathy was considered by the Stoics as the highest condition of Humanity".
A lack of passion or excitement; such as, public apathy.
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Not having any feelings or emotions; or, no interest.
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Not having any interest or concern for anything or anyone; and, without any emotion or excitement. (2)