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animosity (an" uh MAHS i tee) (s) (noun), animosities (pl)
1. A feeling or spirit of hostility, loathing, and resentment: Only one kind of passion is represented in animosity and that is the fervor of repugnance or revulsion.
2. A very strong and hostile dislike or hatred for others or for one’s situation: Gertrude, a TV reporter, developed animosity for those in the audience who criticized her overweight condition.
3. Etymology: animosity originally meant "animation, spirit", as the fire of a horse, called in Latin equi animositas.

Its present exclusive use in a "bad sense" is an instance of the tendency by which words originally neutral have come to assume a bad meaning.

Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
A man exhibits animosity or hatred to the extent that he is like an animal monster.

Here is an extreme example of animosity with elements of animalistic psychosis.

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A display or expression of hostile action.
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A bitter hostility or hatred.
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A tendency to show hostile action and enmity.
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An illwill toward others.
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Ill will and a feeling or spirit of hostility, hatred, and resentment about someone or something. (4)