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anaplasty (s) (noun), anaplasties (pl)
1. Surgery which is concerned with therapeutic or cosmetic reformation of bodily tissue: The plastic surgeon performed a series of anaplasties on patients desiring the removal of bags under their eyes.
2. The reconstruction or restoration; especially, by plastic surgery, of a lost or injured body part: The anaplasty was successful because the surgeon was able to reposition Victor’s forefinger so that it could serve as a thumb, replacing his severely damaged thumb.
3. The replacement or correction of damaged body parts, organs, etc. with surgery: The eye surgeon was able to perform an anaplasty on the patient, replacing her damaged cornea.
Plastic surgery to restore a part of the body.
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Cosmetic surgery that is performed to reshape bodily tissues; or surgical repairs or replacements of damaged organs, or body parts. (1)