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agonistic (adjective), more agonistic, most agonistic
1. Pertaining to athletic contests; especially, those that were held in ancient Greece: The ancient Olympics were actually called "agones", or struggles to achieve glory; so, they had several agonistic competitions in a variety of sports events.
2. A reference to a combative argument or fight: If a person believes it is impossible to know whether or not God exists, and if there is a disagreement with a believer in God, there could be a very strong agonistic disagreement between the two.

These days, so many countries are having agonistic disputes with political opponents and even with the leaders of their own countries to such an extent, that many of them end up causing terrible destruction and deaths, as has been shown recently in Syria and Egypt.

Combative or belligerent.
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Pertaining to a fight or a dispute that can lead to negative results. (1)