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accentuate (verb), accentuates; accentuated; accentuating
1. To make a feature of something more noticeable: The company administrators were convinced that the newspaper article accentuated and emphasized the positive aspects of their financial investments.
2. To emphasize a syllable, word, or phrase when saying it: When Mary spoke, she tended to accentuate her words with French pronunciations.
3. Etymology: known from 1731, from Medieval Latin (written and spoken from 700 to 1500) accentuatus, past participle of accentuare, "to accent", from Latin accentus, "song added to speech"; from ad-, "to" + cantus, "a singing"; past participle of canere, "to sing".
To stress or to emphasize.
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To make something more noticeable or obvious; to emphasize a syllable of a word or phrase when saying it. (1)