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abstruse (adjective); more abstruse, most abstruse
1. Relating to something which is concealed or hidden; complex, obscure, and difficult to understand: The poetry of Harry Philips was often described as abstruse and so it was often relegated to the bottom shelf of many libraries.
2. Pertaining to something difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge: Some scientists may understand Einstein's theory of relativity, however for most nonscientists, it continues to be an abstruse collection of surrealistic or unrealistic ideas.
3. Etymology: from Latin abstrusus, past participle of abstrudere, "conceal"; literally, "to thrust away", from ab-, "away" + trudere "to thrust, to push".
Complex and so very hard to understand.
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Too difficult to know what is being presented.
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Difficult or too complex to comprehend.
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Remote from apprehension.
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Hard to understand or to comprehend; deep, and complex. (3)