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turbulence (s) (noun), turbulences (pl)
1. A state of violent disturbance and disorder; such as, in politics or general social conditions.
2. A state of disorder, disarray, or agitation in nature; for example, an irregular motion of the atmosphere, as manifested by wind gusts and lulls; or a secondary motion of water caused by eddies in a moving flow.
3. The chaotic or unstable eddying motion in a fluid.

Avoiding excessive turbulence generated around moving objects; such as, aircraft, which can make their motion inefficient and difficult to control, is a major factor in aerodynamic designing.

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atmospheric turbulence (s) (noun), atmospheric turbulences (pl)
Random fluctuations of the atmosphere often causing major deformations of its fluid flow: "Atmospheric turbulence involves the mixing of warm and cold air in the atmosphere by wind, which causes clear-air turbulence that is experienced during airplane flight; as well as, poor astronomical vision or the blurring of images seen through the atmosphere."
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