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torrid (adjective)
1. Extremely hot and unpleasant: "With a torrid weather condition and a torrid summer, it has been a terribly difficult summer."

"The parents brought a big umbrella to the picnic the family could decrease the heat of the torrid sun."

2. Steamy, passionate or showing or expressing very strong feelings; especially, of sexual or romantic desires: "They were known to have had a torrid love affair."

Their were rumors that their boss and his secretary were having a torrid affair."

3. Fast-paced, rapid: "He had a hard time keeping up with the torrid pace of his jogging partner."
4. Primarily British: very difficult, uncomfortable, or very unpleasant: The soccer team had a torrid time trying to make a score."
4. Etymology: Derived from Latin torridus, "dried from the heat; very hot".

Torrid usually describes things that are physically hot; in both the literal and the figurative senses, like the sun, or figuratively hot, like passion; for example, "a torrid love affair" is one full of hot passion.

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