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relentless (adjective), more relentless, most relentless
1. A description of of something or someone that is unremitting; continuous; never slackening, but continuing always at the same intense, demanding, or punishing level: The politician was a relentless opponent of raising taxes for the citizens of his country.

Jill is a relentless actress in pursuit of fame and fortune.

The strong wind blowing from the East was persistent and relentless, and lasted for many days.
2. A reference to a persistently hostile person, action, situation, element, etc. that is pursuing, attacking, or opposing someone or something without mercy: Sam's neighbor was a relentless hunter of wild animals.

The desert has a relentless heat and dryness for those who live there and people who travel there on a temporary visit.

3. Etymology: from Latin re-, "again" + lentus, "slow."
A persistent distress forced on people.
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