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résumé, resumé (s) (noun); résumés, resumés (pl)
1. A short document that describes a person's education, work history, etc. which is given to an employer when he or she is applying for a job: John was told by the employment agency to make sure he had his résumé ready if he wanted to be considered for the teaching position in the high school.
2. A list of achievements or successes: Rosetta's singing résumé includes several special awards recognizing her musical talents.
3. A short description of something that has happened: The news program gave a résumé  that gave an account of the sinking of the cruise ship which caused the loss of so many lives.
A summary or recapitulation.
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A quick responsive summation.
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resumé, résumé, resume; resume; synopsis, summary, summary
resumé, résumé, resume (REZ oo may", rez" oo MAY) (noun)
A brief written account of one's accomplishments and qualifications, typically in the context of an application for a position of employment: Jillian submitted her three page resumé by fax when applying for the new job.
resume (ri ZOOM) (verb)
1. To restart or to begin again after an interruption: After the applause died down, the speaker was encouraged to resume her presentation.
2. To return to a position or place: Ingrid is taking her vacation now, but she will resume her responsibilities when she returns.

The speaker was about to resume his place at the podium.

synopsis (si NAHP sis) (noun)
A condensed statement or abstract of something: Helene sent a two page synopsis of her thesis to the journal hoping that her research would be considered for publication.
summary (SUHM uh ree) (noun)
1. An abridgement of a written or verbal presentation: Before the author started her speech, she provided a summary of the book for the benefit of those who had not read it.
2. A comprehensive and succinct account of written or verbal information: At the conclusion of Mike's class report, he presented a summary of the significant points which he had made.
summary (SUHM uh ree) (adjective)
Relating to something which is quickly accomplished: The judge presented her summary judgment at the conclusion of the trial.

Glenn said he would resume writing his résumé after lunch. It will include a summary of all of his previous work experiences as well as a brief synopsis describing the performance results for each of his former positions.

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A short description of something that has happened or a person's list of achievements or successes. (2)