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résumé, resumé (s) (noun); résumés, resumés (pl)
1. A short document that describes a person's education, work history, etc. which is given to an employer when he or she is applying for a job: John was told by the employment agency to make sure he had his résumé ready if he wanted to be considered for the teaching position in the high school.
2. A list of achievements or successes: Rosetta's singing résumé includes several special awards recognizing her musical talents.
3. A short description of something that has happened: The news program gave a résumé  that gave an account of the sinking of the cruise ship which caused the loss of so many lives.
A summary or recapitulation.
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A quick responsive summation.
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A short description of something that has happened or a person's list of achievements or successes. (2)