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(Greek: nephros; kidney, kidneys)
(Greek: renal pelvis; especially of the kidney; from "tub, vat, basin, and trough")
(Latin: kidney or kidneys)
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capsule of the kidney
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polycystic kidney disease
An inherited disorder that is characterized by the development of innumerable cysts in the kidneys that are filled with fluid and replace much of the mass of the kidneys.

Cysts are closed cavities or sacs, normal or abnormal, lined by epithelium, and especially containing a liquid or semisolid material. The cysts eventually reduce kidney function, leading to kidney failure.

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One of a pair of organs located in the right and left side of the abdomen which clear "poisons" from the blood, regulate acid concentration, and control the water balance in the body by excreting urine.

The kidneys are part of the urinary tract where the urine passes through connecting tubes called ureters into the bladder. The bladder stores the urine until it is released during urination.