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imprudent (adjective), more imprudent, most imprudent
1. Relating to showing carelessness, with no forethought, or without good judgment: In a moment of imprudent carelessness, Tommi decided to go for a long walk without first checking the weather report which was predicting freezing rain.
2. A reference to being unwise or indiscreet, and foolish: Rebecca's sister made some imprudent investments which she regretted later because they significantly decreased in value.
3. Descriptive of being incautious, unwise, indiscreet, and foolishly impulsive: It was imprudent of the doctor not to discuss Joe's medical problems with him.
Ill-advised, lacking in discretion or caution.
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Lacking in good judgment and without a thought of the consequences.
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imprudent, impudent
imprudent (im PROOD n't) (adjective)
Unwise or indiscreet about handling practical matters; relating to someone who does not exercise good judgment or common sense: It was imprudent of Polly to borrow so much money from her brother.
impudent (IM pyuh duhnt, IM pyoo duhnt) (adjective)
1. Concerning someone who shows a lack of respect and excessive boldness: Jame's mother was concerned because he seemed to be impudent towards her older friends.
2. Characterized by offensive boldness; insolent or impertinent: The little boy’s impudent behavior earned him "an early to bed time".

It was an impudent show of bravado when the elderly rancher decided on an imprudent course of action and married a young bride for her fortune.

Imprudent is when someone suffers from acute indiscretion.

Impudent is the proof that man does not live by bread alone, but also by crust (being rude and impertinent; self-assertiveness; nerve; gall).

—Evan Esar
(a slip of the tongue, a mistake in uttering a word, an imprudent word inadvertently spoken; as expressed by public personalities in this series of articles)
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A reference to someone who does not use good judgement, or who shows carelessness and doesn't realize the bad consequences of what he or she is saying or doing. (2)