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imprudent (adjective), more imprudent, most imprudent
1. Relating to showing carelessness, with no forethought, or without good judgment: In a moment of imprudent carelessness, Tommi decided to go for a long walk without first checking the weather report which was predicting freezing rain.
2. A reference to being unwise or indiscreet, and foolish: Rebecca's sister made some imprudent investments which she regretted later because they significantly decreased in value.
3. Descriptive of being incautious, unwise, indiscreet, and foolishly impulsive: It was imprudent of the doctor not to discuss Joe's medical problems with him.
Ill-advised, lacking in discretion or caution.
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Lacking in good judgment and without a thought of the consequences.
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A reference to someone who does not use good judgement, or who shows carelessness and doesn't realize the bad consequences of what he or she is saying or doing. (2)