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(Latin: honor, honesty)
(the bearded races of mankind have commonly held the beard in high honor)
(Latin: frequented, populous; to frequent in great numbers, to assemble, to honor; thronged)
(Modern Latin: chemical element; named in honor of Enrico Fermi, an Italian-American physicist; rare earth)
(Modern Latin: chemical element; named in honor of Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeléyev, a Russian chemist who contributed so much to the development of the periodic table; radioactive metal)
(Modern Latin: chemical element; named in honor of Alfred Nobel; the discovery was made at the Nobel Institute; radioactive metal)
(Modern Latin: from Greek, named in honor of the asteroid Pallas, which was discovered at about the same time; and for Pallas, the Greek goddess of wisdom; metal)
(Modern Latin: from Latin Rhenus, in honor of the Rhine River in Germany; metal)
(Latin: worthy of respect and esteem; a positive regard and honor for)
(Latin: great praise or honor; renown)
("Virgin suicides" forced on young women in Turkey)
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matron of honor
A married woman acting as the chief attendant to a bride at a wedding.
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