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gross (adjective), grosser; grossest
1. Pertaining to an amount exclusive of deductions; total; entire: The firm that Tom is working for has a gross profit of over a million dollars this year before any usual taxes or expenses are paid.
2. Unmitigated in any way; utter incompetence: Shirley's auto accident was caused by gross negligence because she was looking at her cell phone instead of being alert while driving on the highway.
3. Glaringly obvious: Choosing to go for a walk outside during the thunderstorm was a gross mistake.
4. Describing something as being crude; coarse; rude; or uncivil: Doug used such gross and outrageous language towards other students that he had to be sent to the principal’s office!
5. Offensive; disgusting: Jim's friend was speaking with gross statements which made Mike cringe.
6. Lacking sensitivity or discernment; uncultured: Jack needed to learn better table manners because his were still gross or unrefined.
7. Overweight; corpulent: Max told his physical therapist that he felt gross, being unattractively large and bloated, and that even his legs were flabby.
8. Abundant; profuse: There was such a gross amount of apples in the summer, that Joan and Jack made lots of apple jelly and juice which they could enjoy during the winter months.
9. Broad; general: Carol was presenting some gross outlines of a plan to her supervisor for his consideration.
Relating to being very wrong, a gross error.
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