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denouement, dénouement (s) (noun); denouements, dénouements (pl)
1. The final resolution, or clarification, of the main complication of a literary or dramatic work or plot: The denouement of the movie was so ridiculous that it ruined the whole film.
2. The outcome of a complex sequence of events; the end result, or the final stage, or climax, of what has happened: While traveling home from work in his car, the unannounced construction on the street caused more dénouements of delays for Tom just before he arrived home than he had anticipated.
3. Etymology: from French dénouement, "an untying" of a plot); from dénouer, "untie"; from Old French desnouer; from des-, "un-, out"; from Latin dis- "reversal, removal" + nouer, "to tie, to knot"; from Latin nodus, "a knot".
The revealing of a plot or story.
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Telling the outcome of a story.
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