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delude (di LOOD) (verb), deludes; deluded; deluding
1. To deprive of by fraud or deceit; to steal: Mary, the maid, attempted to delude her mistress of a valuable necklace.
2. To fool the mind or judgment of someone, so as to cause what is false to be accepted as true: Nadir's arguments were so impressive and seemingly so true that he completely deluded his audience about the true nature of the medicine he was selling.

Agnes said, "If Pedro thinks I care, then he is simply deluding himself."

Much of the spam on the internet is done to delude people with some scheme or trickery.

3. Etymology: from Latin deludere, "to mock, to deceive"; from de-, "down, to one's detriment" + ludere, "to play".
To deceive, mislead, or to trick.
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deluded, diluted
deluded (di LOOD'd) (verb)
To trick or to mislead the mind: I was very sad to realize that the patient in hospital was deluded and thought he was the king.
diluted (digh LOOT'd) (verb)
To have reduced the strength of something or to have made it thin by adding a substance: The recipe stated that the sauce should be diluted with cream.

Chelsea was deluded into believing that the diluted sauce would taste as good as the original recipe.

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delude (verb), deludes; deluded; deluding

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To fool someone into thinking that what is false should be accepted as true. (1)