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delude (di LOOD) (verb), deludes; deluded; deluding
1. To deprive of by fraud or deceit; to steal: Mary, the maid, attempted to delude her mistress of a valuable necklace.
2. To fool the mind or judgment of someone, so as to cause what is false to be accepted as true: Nadir's arguments were so impressive and seemingly so true that he completely deluded his audience about the true nature of the medicine he was selling.

Agnes said, "If Pedro thinks I care, then he is simply deluding himself."

Much of the spam on the internet is done to delude people with some scheme or trickery.

3. Etymology: from Latin deludere, "to mock, to deceive"; from de-, "down, to one's detriment" + ludere, "to play".
To deceive, mislead, or to trick.
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delude (verb), deludes; deluded; deluding

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To fool someone into thinking that what is false should be accepted as true. (1)