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apex (s) (noun); apexes, apices (pl)
1. The top or highest point of something, pointed tip, extremity: Some flowering plants, including rosebushes, have apexes at the ends of their leaves.
2. The tip or summit of anything: Tim was quite successful in his business and the apex of his career was becoming the president of the company he worked for.

The excitement of the football game was about to reach its apex in the last minute.

3. The vertex or upper part of a triangle or cone: When in Egypt, Jane and Jack enjoyed looking at the many pyramids with their multiple angles at the bottoms and three-sided faces which met at the apexes or common points at the tops.
The highest point of anything.
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(Latin: top, cap, tip, apex)
(Latin: summit, tip, top, point)
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apex cordis, apex of the heart
The lowest and leftmost point of the heart represented by the left ventricle.
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apex linguae (s) (noun)
The tip of the tongue: "The apex linguae is the pointed, rounded, tip of the tongue which is usually resting against the incisor teeth that are at the lower front part of the mouth."
apex nasi
The tip of the nose.
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apexcardiogram, apex cardiogram (ACG)
1. A graphic recording of the movements of the chest wall produced by the apex beat of the heart.
2. A graphic recording of ultra-low-frequency precordial chest-wall movements.