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adjustable (adjective), more adjustable, most adjustable
1. Concerning something which can be changed in shape, size, or position according to what is wanted or needed: The hearing aids that Lynn has are quite adjustable to noise volume and music.
2. The ability to adapt or to conform to a situation: Virginia's parents were quite adaptable to the new and different environment of living in Canada in comparison to the life in southern California!
3. Capable of being modified: The adjustable seat belts in Robert's car were great, providing security for adults and for children.
4. Regarding loans, mortgages, etc. having a flexible rate, as one based on money market interest rates or on the rate of inflation or cost of living: The loan was quite adjustable, or able to be regulated to the interest rates, depending on many factors.
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adjustable speed drive (s) (noun), adjustable speed drives (pl)
Drives that save energy by ensuring the electric motor's speed is properly matched to the load placed on the motor.
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adjustable wrench; British, an adjustable spanner (noun); adjustable wrenches; British, adjustable spanners (pl)
1. A Crescent ® wrench or a pipe wrench.
2. A tool that has a fixed jaw and a movable jaw which is controlled by a spiral gear or slide.

It is used to install or to remove bolts and nuts of various sizes.

The wrench itself comes in a variety of lengths and jaw sizes.

A crescent wrench has smooth jaws while a pipe wrench has serrated jaws.

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adjustable set point
A feature allowing the user to adjust the voltage levels at which a charge controller will become active.
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