vor-, vora-, -vore, -vorous, -vores, -vora, -vory

(Latin: eat, eating; consume, consuming; ingest, ingesting; devour, devouring; feeding on)

algivorous (adjective)
Ingesting or eating algae.
ambivore (s) (noun), ambivores (pl)
ambivorous (adjective)
Feeding on grasses and broad-leaved plants.
ambivory (adjective)
amphivore (s) (noun), amphivores (pl)
An animal, including humans, that eat both animal and vegetable foods.
Boy is eating hotdog and ice cream.
This young boy is an example of an amphivore.
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amphivorous (adjective)
amphivory (adjective)
Feeding on, or devouring, aphids.
aphidivory (adjective)
Eating bees; bee eater.
apivory (adjective)
Eating or feeding on spiders.
Feeding on or devouring gold.

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