amatho-, amath-, amathi- +

(Greek: sand [dust])

A plant that grows in sandy places.
amathicole (verb), amathicole; amathicoled; amathicoling: sand
Inhabting sandy plains.
amathocole (verb), amathocoles; amathocoled; amathocoling

To dwell in sandy places, as in a desert.

A large variety of creatures; for example, scorpions and spiders, are protected against water loss by their thick and hard body coverings that allows them to amathocole successfully in sandy deserts, as in the Mojave Desert of Southern California.

—Source: The Desert, page 70.
Divination by observing the arrangement of sand, dust, or dirt.
Living in sandy plains or soils.
amathophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An excessive horror of contaminations and germs: Those suffering from amathophobia also include dust as part of their anxieties.

Some people who are affected with amathophobia keep the windows in their residences closed at all times and install elaborate air-filtering equipment.

There are also individuals who constantly wipe surfaces and clean their living quarters so often that they may be considered to have an obsessive-compulsive disorder known as amathophobia.

An excessive dread of dust.
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Because personal hygiene is a means of controlling infectious diseases, the absence of dirt is not merely an esthetic adornment. Cleanliness is no doubt an acquired taste.

—Compiled from "Cleanliness has only recently become a virtue"
by Jay Stuller; Smithsonian; February, 1991; pages 126-135.
In biology, thriving in the strandline of a sandy seashore.
A strandline plant or a sandy seashore.

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