genu-, geni-, gen- +

(Latin: knee)

Of or relating to the knee joint.
geniculate, geniculating, geniculated
1. Bent at an angle like a knee; such as, geniculate antennae.
2. With a joint or joints that can be bent like a knee.
3. Bent abruptly, as a knee.
4. Having kneelike joints; able to bend at an abrupt angle.
geniculum (s), genicula (pl)
1. A small kneelike anatomical structure.
2. A sharp bend in an organ.
3. A general term designating a sharp, kneelike bend in a small structure or organ; such as, a nerve.
genu (s), genua (pl)
1. The knee or the hinge joint in the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella.
2. A kneelike part or bend.
3. The knee or the site of articulation between the thigh (femur) and the leg.
4. A general term used to designate any anatomic structure bent like the knee.
Relating to or resembling a genu or knee.
An instrument for breaking down adhesions, whether osseous or fibrous, in the knee~joint.
genucubital position (s) (noun); genucubital positions (pl)
A prone position resting on the knees and elbows, assumed for gynecologic or rectal examination or operation: Dr. McCann asked Tim to get into a genucubital position by resting on his knees and elbows with the chest elevated from the table.
genufacial (adjective), more genufacial, most genufacial
A reference to the knees and face.
genuflect, genuflecting
1. To bend the right knee to the floor and rise again as a gesture of religious respect; especially in a Roman Catholic or Anglican church.BR> 2. To bend the knees and bow in a servile manner or to express a servile attitude.
3. To be servilely respectful or deferential; to grovel.
genuflection, genuflexion
1. An act of bending the knee or touching it to the ground in reverence or worship.
2. An attitude; a gesture: involving, like prostration, a profession of dependence or helplessness, and therefore very naturally adopted for praying and for worship in general.
The art of decorating the female knee to make it more erotic.
Pertaining to the knees and chest; the position of a patient on his/her knees with the chest resting on the table.
genuphobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
A fear of knees or of kneeling: Patricia, suffering from genuphobia, never liked her bones in the middle of her legs because of a previous injury which left very bad scars, so she always wore jeans or long skirts or dresses covering that part of her body.
A “knee lizard” from Early Cretaceous France. Named by Accarie, Beaudoin, Jean Dejax, Fries, Michard, and Philippe Taquet in 1995.