gelo-, geloto-

(Greek: laugh, laughter, laughing)

Don't confuse words from this Greek element with those from Latin gel-, gelat-, gelati-, meaning "freeze; congeal; gelatin".

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agelast (s) (noun), agelasts (pl)
Someone who does not laugh.
A condition of alternating between crying and laughing.
gelasmus, gelasma
Insane or hysterical spasmodic laughter.
Pertaining to laughter, laughing.
gelastic epilepsy
A form of epilepsy characterized by laughing.
A misspelling of gelotologist.
A misspelling of gelotology.
geliophobia, gelophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An abnormal repulsion of laughter or being around people who laugh: Sam, being so serious and suffering from gelophobia ever since he was a child, didn't understand or like anybody chuckling or giggling about things, thinking they were much too silly or making jokes about him.
1. Producing laughter.
2. Tending to produce laughter.
Divination by translating hysterical laughter into coherent terms.

Perhaps it was a carry-over from ancient oracles, where people inhaled natural gas from volcanic fissures and babbled incoherent utterances which gifted listeners interpreted as prophecies that determined the fate of nations.

geloplegia, gelotolepsy
1. Loss of muscle tone induced by sudden or excessive laughter.
2. A sudden loss of muscle tone (cataplexy) induced by uproarious laughter.

Cataplexy is a debilitating medical condition in which a person suddenly feels weak and collapses at moments of strong emotion; such as, laughter, anger, fear, or surprise.

Laughter and other emotions trigger a reflex in persons that can bring many of the muscles of the body to the point of collapse.

1. Fortune-telling by means of a laugh or laughter.
2. Divination by means of or involving laughter or interpreting how a person laughs.
gelosmus, gelosma
1. Spasmodic, involuntary laughter; sometimes seen in schizophrenia and hysteria.
2. An insane or hysterical spasmodic laughter.
1. A reference to laughter; laughing.
2. Pertaining to laughter; used in laughing.
gelostic epilepsy
A form of epilepsy characterized by uncontrollable laughing.