-eous +

(Latin: a suffix; composed of, of the nature of, like)

aculeous (adjective), more aculeous, most aculeous
Concerning something needle-like or having a stinger; aculeate: Bees and wasps can be described with this rare and obsolete term as aculeous insects.
1. Of the nature of the white of an egg, albuminous.
2. Resembling the boiled white of an egg.
3. Relating to any tunica albuginea.
aqueous (adjective), more aqueous, most aqueous
1. Watery; prepared with water: The soup was more aqueous than Sarina likes because she prefers thick soups.
2. The watery or fluid layer in the eye between the cornea and the lens: The ophthalmologist was concerned about the dehydrating state of the aqueous layer or humor in the patient's eyes.
3. In chemistry, relating to or dissolved in water; a solution containing water: The scientist used a simple aqueous solution of salt and water as a disinfectant.
4. In geology, formed from matter deposited by or in water: Certain sedimentary rocks; such as, limestone, are aqueous.
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1. Relating to or resembling a tree.
2. Living in trees; arboreal.
3. Having many trees; wooded.
4. Forming a tree trunk, as distinguished from a shrub.
Consisting of chyle that is much diluted with water.

It refers to a liquid which forms the circulating fluid of some inferior animals.

Spiral, screw-like.
Consisting of copper or resembling copper; coppery.
1. Resembling ivory; ivory-colored.
2. Having the appearance of ivory.
erroneous (adjective), more erroneous, most erroneous
1. Containing or derived from a mistake: Based on the information at the time of publication, the scientist reached an erroneous conclusion.
2. Descriptive of being wrong, based on an incorrect assumption, or containing something that is not right: Steve was told that his facts were correct, but his erroneous conclusions were not acceptable.
3. A reference to straying from what is moral, decent, proper, etc.: Harriet's son committed an erroneous action by staying up beyond his bedtime and watching TV even though he was going to school in the morning.
extemporaneous (adjective), more extemporaneous, most extemporaneous
1. Relating to a performance without any preparation: After receiving so much applause after completing the recital, the pianist gave an extemporaneous encore.
2. Pertaining to a talk prepared in advance but delivered without notes: Alfred spent the whole afternoon thinking and writing down what he wanted to say at his farewell ceremony the next evening so that he could give an extemporaneous speech without using his rough draft from the day before.
3. Referring to a discourse without preparation or notes; literally, "out of the moment": Rick gave a short extemporaneous speech after he received the first prize in the debate club.
4. Descriptive of something taking place with little or no prior preparation or practice: Dr. Thomas gave an extemporaneous talk on the importance of good health at the meeting because the main speaker suddenly became ill with a fever!
Pertaining to, consisting of, or resembling, flame.
foliaceous (adjective), more foliaceous, most foliaceous
Descriptive of a leaf or leaves: Foliaceous growths are leaflike in form, composed of thin laminated layers. and have the texture or nature of foliage or leaves. Some minerals have small, colorless scales which possess a foliaceous quality.
herbaceous (adjective), more herbaceous, most herbaceous
1. Relating to an herb: Plants that are herbaceous have green stems, and not ones that are woody.
2. Descriptive of a green leaf: Mr. Wood, Jane's biology teacher, told the students that they should collect herbaceous foliages that are green and leaflike in appearance or texture for their next lesson that week.
igneous (adjective), more igneous, most igneous
1. Descriptive of fire, fiery; typical of fire; relating to or characteristic of fire.
2. In geology, a reference to being formed by solidification from a molten or partially molten state: Granite and basalt are igneous rocks.
luteous (adjective), mosre luteous, most luteous
Pertaining to smething like mud or clay: Jane tried to remove the luteous and sticky matter from her shoes after returning from a walk in the forest.

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