aletho-, aleth-

(Greek: true; nothing concealed; real [from a-, "no, nothing" and letho-, "forgetfullness, oblivion"])

Alethea, Alice
A woman's name meaning "truth".
Aletheuontes de en Agape.
Speaking the truth in love.

A transliteration of the Greek motto of Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

alethia (s) (noun), alethias (pl) (no plural)
An inability to forget past events: No matter how much Sophia tried to eliminate the memory of some bad things that happened to her before, her alethias continued to haunt her many times.
Relating to the philosophical concepts of truth and possibility and especially to the branch of logic that formalizes them.
alethiology (s) (noun), alethiologies (pl)
1. The science of the nature of truth and evidence.
2. The doctrines of truth and those parts of logic that are concerned with truth.
alethology (s) (noun), alethologies (pl)
The study or science of truth.
alethophobia (s) (noun), alethophobias (pl)
An abnormal anxiety about what is true: The politician had an alethophobia regarding whether his opponents would find out where his financial support came from.
A genus of fossil ferns, found especially in coal formations [literally, having "true ferns"].
An instrument for viewing pictures by means of a lens, so as to give the objects a natural or realistic appearance.
Loving truth; a fondness for truth.
philalethist (fil" uh LEE thist) (s) (noun), philalethists (pl)
A lover of, or a fondness for truth: Tom's grandmother certainly was a philalethist because she always knew when he wasn’t being honest as a child, so she put a great amount of emphasis on being truthful and sincere herself and expected this from others as well.
A person who loves the truth.
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Etymologically related "forget, forgetfulness" word families: letho-; oblivio-.

Related "memory, remember" word families: memor-; mne-.