dorso-, dors-, dorsi-, -dorsal

(Latin: dorsum, back, on the back, near the back, back side; rear, posterial)

antedorsal (adjective), more antedorsal, most antedorsal
Situated in front of the dorsal fin of fish.
centrodorsal (adjective), more centrodorsal, most centrodorsal
dorsabdominal (adjective); more dorsabdominal, most dorsabdominal
Relating to the back and the abdomen: In her class at school, Bob learned that the dorsabdominal axis or the dorsabdominal direction referred to the situation of the parts between the dorsal and ventral sections of the body.
dorsal (DOHR suhl) (adjective), more dorsal, most dorsal
1. Relating to the back or near the backside of a bodily organ: The dorsal part of the tongue refers to the back of it.

Toward, on, in, or near the back or upper surface or part of an organism.

2. Botany Of or on the outer surface, underside, or back of an organ.
3. Relatively near the back as compared with other structures or parts of the same kind which are closer to the front or belly side: In human anatomy, the dorsalis normally equivalent to the posterior area of the body.
4. Etymology: from Middle French dorsal, from Late Latin dorsalis, corresponding to Latin dorsualis, "of the back" from dorsum, "back", dors, "back of the body" + -al, "pertaining to, referring to".
dorsal cavity (s) (noun), dorsal cavities (pl)
Located along the back of the body and head.

It contains organs of the nervous system that coordinate body functions and is divided into two parts: the cranial cavity and the spinal cavity; both of which are defined in this unit.

dorsalgia (s) (noun), dorsalgias (pl)
Pain in the uplper back: Because Mrs. Good had to correct so many papers and tests for her students for many weeks, and had to bend over her desk doing so, her back, just below her neck, started hurting her a lot, and the doctor diagnosed it as being dorsalgia.
dorsalis (adjective), more dorsalis, most dorsalis
Referring to a blood vessel or nerve serving the back of the body part with which it is associated.
dorsalization (s) (noun), dorsalizations (pl)
The repositioning of a structure to a more posterior position.
dorsaly (adverb), more dorsaly, most dorsaly
A reference to being in the direction of the back.
dorsicumbent (s) (noun), dorsicumbents (pl)
Being supine or lying face upward or being flat on one's back.
dorsiduct (verb), dorsiducts; dorsiducted; dorsiducting
To move backward or toward the back of the body.
dorsiferous (adjective), more dorsiferous, most dorsiferous
dorsiflexion (s) (noun), dorsiflexions (pl)
The movement of an ankle in which the foot moves towards the front in that part of the body: After dorsiflexion, the foot or toes are said to be flexed upward away from the sole or bottom.
dorsiflexor (s) (noun), dorsiflexors (pl)
A muscle whose contraction moves the hand or foot toward its upper surface.
dorsigerous (adjective), more dorsigerous, most dorsigerous

Word families with similar applications: "back, backside" word units: lumbo- (loin, lower back); nuch- (nape of the neck); pygo- (rump, rear end, back side).