cyclo-, cycl-, -cycle, -cyclic, -cyclical, -cycles

(Greek: around, round, circle, circular)

acyclic (adjective), more acyclic, most acyclic
1. In botany, a reference; especially. to flowers whose parts are arranged in spirals rather than in whorls, as with magnolias.

A whorl is an arrangement of leaves, petals, sepals, etc., in a circle around the stem.

2. In chemistry, having an open-chain molecular structure rather than a ring-shaped structure.
anticyclone (s) (noun), anticyclones (pl)
An extensive system of winds spiraling outward from a high-pressure center, circling clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.
anticyclonic (adjective), more anticyclonic, most anticyclonic
A reference to an area of high pressure around which winds blow in a clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere.
bicycle (s) (noun), bicycles (pl)
biogeochemical cycle (s) (noun), biogeochemical cycles (pl)
The circulation of chemical components through the biosphere from, or to, the lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere: The biogeochemical cycle includes the exchange of elements, like oxygen, carbon, or nitrogen, in the environment between storage pools, such as the atmosphere, biota, oceans, soils, the earth's crust, and human society.
cycle (s) (noun), cycles (pl)
cyclic (adjective), more cyclic, most cyclic
Pertaining to chemical compounds that contain a ring of atoms in the nucleus.
cyclically (adverb), more cyclically, most cyclically
cycling (s) (noun), cyclings (pl)
cyclohexane (s) (noun), cyclohexanes (pl)
An extremely flammable, colorless, mobile liquid that comes from crude petroleum and benzene and it is used in the manufacture of nylon, as a solvent, a paint, and a varnish remover: "Cyclohexane is a component of virtually all petroleums; however, it is present only in small amounts and so it is produced in industry mainly by the catalytic hydrogenation of benzene."
cycloid (s) (noun), cycloids (pl)
A straight line on the outside of a circle at one point.
cycloid (adjective), more cycloid, most cycloid
Resembling a circle.
cyclometer (s) (noun), cyclometers (pl)
A tool that counts the revolutions of a bicycle wheel in order to indicate the distance travelled.
cyclone (s) (noun), cyclones (pl)
cyclonic (adjective), more cyclonic, most cyclonic
A reference to an area of low pressure around which winds blow in a counter-clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere.

Related "around, round, surrounding" units: ambi-; ampho-; circ-; circum-; gyro-; peri-.