vati- +

(from Latin vates, seer, prophet; sooth-sayer; prophesy, prophecy; which should not be confused with Vatican, "Pope's palace in Rome" or Vaticanism, "doctrine of papal supremacy and infallibility")

Referring to, or proceeding from, a prophet or seer; oracular; prophetic; inspired.
Resembling, or characteristic, of a prophet or prophecy.
1. The killing of a prophet.
2. Killing a prophet or a prophet killer.
Characterized by or pertaining to prophecy; prophetic.
1. To predict or to reveal through, or as if through, divine inspiration.
2. To chant a prophesy or prediction.
3. Etymology: from ancient Greek προφητεία (prophēteia), "prophecy"; from προφήτης (prophētēs), "speaker of a god"; from πρό (pro), "before" + φήμι (phēmi), "I tell".
1. Knowledge of the future; usually said to be obtained from a divine source.
2. A prediction; a prophecy.
Someone who prophesies or foretells.
A reference to prediction and prophecy.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "divination, diviner; seer, soothsayer, prophecy, prophesy, prophet": augur-; auspic-; fa-, fate; Fates in action; futur-; -mancy; omen; -phemia; sorc-, sorcery.