English and Its Historical Development, Part 08

(Roman troops went back to Italy to defend Rome)

Roman troops went back to Italy to defend Rome from the Goths, Vandals, and other invading "barbarians"

Roman troops went back to Italy to defend Rome against invading barbarians.
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In A.D. 399-400, Roman troops left Britain to defend Italy

After successful campaigns to defend Britain against the Picts, Scots, and Anglo Saxon raiders, Stilicho, the magister militum or commander-in-chief of the Roman armies of the East, withdrew troops from Britain to defend Italy against the invasion of Alaric, the Goth; as well as, other tribes.

This action forced the Britains, and other provinces, to defend themselves with no help from Roman troops.

As a consequence, the garrison of Britain was left too weak to mount an adequate defense against further "barbarian" raids from the Saxons and the northern Picts.

Rome was also trying to defend itself from attacks by an "enormous horde" of Germans led by "a pagan Ostrogoth" named Radagaisus. The invading masses were so great that it was impossible to offer any immediate opposition.

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