Toilets: Then and Now, Part 14, New Re-usable Water System

(unusual water recycling device is revealed)

Vegetation recycling water system developed

  • British scientists have developed a rooftop vegetation recycling system that allows water to be used twice before being discarded.
  • The Green Roof Water Recycling System uses semi-aquatic plants to treat waste washing water, which can then be reused for activities such as flushing toilets.
  • So-called "grey water" from washbasins, baths, and showers is pumped up to the rooftop system, which consists of an inclined framework of interconnected horizontal troughs.
  • Planted in the troughs are specially chosen plants.
  • Dissolved pollutants in the water are taken up by the plants' roots, leaving "green water", or non-drinkable water.
  • The scientists say such water can then be dyed with a vegetable color to signal its non-potable status, or it can be used to flush toilets or water a garden.
  • The researchers hope to market their invention during the second half of 2006.

Compiled from information located in
"News Item": United Press International, London;
December 8, 2005.

The question that comes to mind is, when this "recycling system" is on the roof, what will happen in the winter when it is freezing? Can the plants survive and how will the water flow when it is in the form of ice?

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