Global Positioning System (GPS): Segway and GPS

(Segway, a modern invention, offers GPS with their transporter)

The Segway is described by the company as a two-wheeled, self-balancing, electric transportation device that uses a patented dynamic stabilization technology.

The Segway HT (Segway Human Transporter) is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, computer-controlled, battery-powered gyroscopic light-mode transportation device invented by Dean Kamen and unveiled in December 2001.

It is produced by the company Segway Inc., which is based in Bedford, New Hampshire.

Kamen founded DEKA Research & Development Corporation in 1982. With his inventions, DEKA now employs about 200 people. According to the company's website, DEKA's mission is "to foster innovation".

In addition, the company states: "Segway continues to focus our research and development efforts on creating versatile, agile, short-range devices that utilize the patented dynamic stabilization technology and advanced alternative-power systems."

"Today, Segway is focused on serving its customers by developing safe, unique products that are redefining personal transportation for consumers and businesses.

We work with commercial and municipal organizations to realize the benefits of zero-emission personal transportation that increase productivity and utilize existing infrastructure."

Kamen was already a successful and wealthy inventor before he produced the Segway. After inventing a new type of mobile dialysis system for medical applications, as well as an all-terrain electric wheelchair known as the IBOT, he utilized this technology by using the same gyroscopic balancing technologies that later made their way into the Segway. More information about the "milestones" in the history of the Segway are available.

Even Segway Is Providing a Global Positioning System (GPS) for Those Who Want It

Segway and GPS

Segway says: "Your last chance to find your way with Segway!"

"Time is running out to purchase your Segway® Human Transporter (HT) and enjoy the benefits of the handheld Garmin® eTrex® Legend Global Positioning System (GPS). Customers will receive a free Garmin eTrex Legend or Legend C GPS package with the purchase of any Segway HT, Segway XT or Segway GT now through January 6, 2006. The offer is available only at participating authorized Segway dealers, while supplies last."

"In addition to the free Garmin eTrex, customers receive a custom Segway HT mount and either MapSource® MetroGuide® (Legend) or MapSource City Navigator® (Legend C). Both products offer detailed maps of roads and pedestrian thoroughfares throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico – with locations of millions of points of interest – like restaurants, hotels, ATMs, movie theaters, and other attractions. Users can load and display portions of this data directly onto their eTrex Legend or Legend C via a PC. The Garmin GPS units can also display important information like speed, heading, distance and path traveled, and elapsed time, as well as TracBack® – a feature that automatically guides you back to the beginning of your trip."

Features of the Garmin eTrex Legend

According to Garmin®, it is a leader in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and an innovator in consumer electronics. The company serves both the aviation and consumer markets. Their products are used in flying, boating, driving, hiking, and many other activities.

The features of the Garmin eTrex Legend include the following:

  • Finding one's way with road and pedestrian way details.
  • Internal patch antenna.
  • Operating buttons on the side, more room for display on the front.
  • Four-way cursor (push to enter) for smooth panning.
  • High resolution screen with bright backlighting (can be read even in sunlight).
  • The eTrex Legend C features a high resolution TFT color display.
  • Built-in basemap.
  • Rugged, waterproof case.
  • Uses two AA batteries (not included).

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