Emerging Areas of Technology, Part 2, Number 6

(Distributed Storage)

Technological applications in the tech area of "Distributed Storage"

6. Distributed Storage: Whether it's organizing documents, spreadsheets, music, photos, and videos or maintaining regular backup files in case of theft or a computer crash; taking care of data is one of the biggest problems facing computer users.

Wouldn't it be better to store data in the various sites of the internet, a few keystrokes away from any computer, anywhere?

A budding technology known as distributed storage could do just that, transforming data storage for individuals and companies by making digital files easier to maintain and access while eliminating the threat of catastrophes that obliterate information, including electrical blackouts to hard-drive failures.

The purpose is to devise efficient ways to route data through a network and to keep the tables up to date. Properly organized, distributed tables could turn the internet into a series of automatically organized, easily searchable filing cabinets.

Turning the Internet into a vast filing cabinet may be just the first step.

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