rab-, rag-, rav-

(Latin: madness, to be mad; to rave, to be furious)

enrage (verb), enrages; enraged; enraging
1. To make someone furiously angry.
2. To make extremely angry; to infuriate.
enraged (adjective), more enraged, most enraged
1. Descriptive of extreme anger: The presentation of the plans to build a nightclub in the neighborhood has caused the enraged residents to demand that it not be done.
enragement (s) (noun), enragements (pl)
A feeling of intense anger; infuriation.
outrage (s) (noun), outrages (pl)
1. An act of extreme violence or viciousness.
2. An act grossly offensive to decency, morality, or good taste.
3. A deplorable insult.
4. Resentful anger aroused by a violent or offensive act.
outrage (verb), outrages; outraged; outraging
1. To produce anger or resentment in: The worker's incompetence outraged the contractor.
2. Etymology: "violent behavior, excess, extravagance" from Old French outrage (12th century), earlier oltrage (11 century), from Vulgar Latin ultraticum, "excess"; from Latin ultra, "beyond".
outrageous (adjective), more outrageous, most outrageous
outrageously (adverb), more outrageously, most outrageously
outrageousness (s) (noun) (usually no plural)
outrager (s) (noun), outragers (pl)
rabid (RAHB id) (adjective), more rabid, most rabid
1. Descriptive of a serious and often fatal disease that is caused by the bite of an infected animal: Efforts were being made to catch and to destroy the rabid dogs which were running around in the village in the summer.

There are those who call the rabid virus a form of hydrophobia.

2. A reference to a raging, extremely violent, irrational, or an unreasonable, or fanatical action: The defending soldiers had to withdraw from their position when the rabid attackers assaulted them.

The rabid behavior of the terrorists was marked by ferociousness and extreme violence.

3. Having a very fervent interest in or a zealous opinion about someone or something with extreme intensity: The group admitted that they were rabid fans of Michael Jackson.

Tony thought that both of the political opponents had a rabid lust for political power.

A wild rabid fan.
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rabidity (s) (noun), rabidities (pl)
1. The process of going to extreme lengths in expressing or pursuing a feeling, interest, or opinion.
2. An unrestrained excitement or enthusiasm.
rabidly (adverb), more rabidly, most rabidly
1. Irrationally extreme in opinion or practice: "He has always been a rabid baseball fan."
2. Furiously or ragingly; violently intense.
3. Affected with or pertaining to rabies; a reference to madness.
rabidness (s) (noun) (no plural)
Furiousness; madness.
rage (s) (noun), rages (pl)
1. Sudden and extreme anger.
2. An outburst of strong anger: "She flew into a rage when someone criticized her sculpture."
3. Something that is the object of a short-lived fascination, fashion, or enthusiasm shared by many people.
4. Extreme or unrelenting intensity.
5. A strong and sometimes overpowering desire or enthusiasm.
rage (verb), rages; raged; raging
1. To speak or to act in violent anger: Hank always raged at the mindless bureaucracy that was running his city.
2. To exist with great violence or intensity: The snow storm is raging through the mountains and the valleys.
3. To spread or prevail forcefully: Historian wrote that the plague raged on for months.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "anger, angry; rage, wrath, fury; rave": fur-, furi-; ira-; lysso-; mania-.