(Greek: peculiar, one's own, personal, private; of or pertaining to one's self, distinct, separate, alone)

idioagglutinin (s) (noun), idioagglutinins (pl)
An agglutinin that occurs naturally in the blood of a person or an animal: Since idioagglutinin already exists in an individual's blood, an injection of a stimulating antigen or the passive transfer of an antibody is not required.
The branch of biology concerned with the study of organisms as individuals or the study of individual organisms.
1. A specialized plant cell that differs considerably from others in the same area of tissue. An idioblast is usually thick-walled and lacks chlorophyll.
2. An isolated cell differing in form, in contents, or in wall structure, from neighboring cells.
Peculiar to the white race.
Peculiar to a particular group of people.
Having a distinctive and constant coloration, used especially of minerals.
idiocracy (s) (noun), idiocracies (pl)
A government that is run by idiots: Mr. Watson sometimes thought that the government in his country should be termed to be an idiocracy because the elected party often behaved like fools or morons.
Peculiarity of constitution; idiosyncrasy.
1. Extreme lack of intelligence or foresight.
2. An extremely unintelligent or thoughtless act.
3. An offensive term in a now disused classification system for mental disability.
Independently active.
A system of beliefs in psychology emphasizing the role of the personality in choosing stimuli and in organizing responses.
In biology, self-fertilization.
idiogenesis, idiogenetic
Spontaneous origin (as of a disease).
Peculiar to a particular race.
idioglossia, idioglottic
1. A developmental speech defect in which a child substitutes different sounds for the correct ones, so that speech is intelligible only to parents or others closely involved with the child.
2. The invention and use of language by a child or closely involved siblings such as twins that is unintelligible to anyone else.

Cross references of word families related to: "individual, personal": pecu-; privat-, priv-.