therio-, theri-, thero-, ther-, -there, -therium, -theria, -theridae, -therian, -therioid, -theroida +

(Greek: animal, wild beast, wild animal)

An animal of an extinct genus of mammals, as large as the rhinoceros, with two large and two small horns.
Resembling a megatherium.
An animal of huge or ungainly proportions.
philotherian (s) (noun), philotherians (pl)
Someone who has a special love for animals: Ever since Janice was a child, she loved her pets and considered herself a philotherian, and so her objective was to study and become a veterinarian someday.
philotherianism (s) (noun) (no pl)
A fondness for animals: Since Mary had a case of philotherianism, but wasn't allowed to have a pet at home, her family went to the zoo as often as possible and her parents bought many animal books for her.
In some systems of classification, a subclass of the Mammalia, including the infraclasses Eutheria and Metatheria, the members of which are viviparous.
A mixture regarded as effective against bites by poisonous animals; it contained at one time 60 to 70 substances that were pulverized and made into an electuary with honey.

An electuary is a medicinal preparation consisting of a powdered drug made into a paste with honey or syrup.

Of or pertaining to the subclass Theria, one of the four subclasses into which the class Mammalia is commonly divided.
therianthropia (s) (noun), therianthropias (pl)
1. Combining the form of a beast with that of a man or pertaining to deities represented in the combined forms of a man and an animal; such as, dog-headed or eagle-headed divinities.
2. The belief that humans may sometimes assume animal form; such as, the werewolf.
A man imagines that he is a werewolf..
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therianthropic (adjective), more therianthropic, most therianthropic
1. A reference to being partly bestial and partly human in form; for example, an imaginary being; such as, a centaur that is partly human and partly animal.
2. Pertaining to deities conceived or represented in human and animal forms.
therianthropy (s) (noun), therianthropies (pl)
The transformation into animal form, such as the supernatural transformation of a person into a wolf, as recounted in folk tales.
theriatrics, theriatric
1. The medical treatment of wild animals.
2. Veterinary medicine.
3. The medical treatment of animals in a zoo or menagerie.

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