xyro-, xyr- +

(Greek: razor)

The "razorback sucker", Xyrauchen texanus, is an endangered fresh water sucker of rivers in the Colorado River drainage of western North America.

The razorback sucker, also known as the "humpback sucker", is a species that can grow more than 600 mm (2 feet) in length, weigh more than 3 kg (6 pounds), and live 40+ years.

Examination of the stomach contents of adult razorback suckers from Lake Mohave indicate that the species is a benthic feeder (bottom of a sea, lake, or deep river), whose diet includes planktonic crustaceans, diatoms, filamentous algae, and detritus (fragments of decomposed plants or animals).

Xyrichthys psittacus
xyrid (singular), xyrids (plural)
A reference to the Xyris or yellow-eyed-grass which are spiked and long grasslike leaves that are usually rough on the margins and in the midrib.
Yellow-eyed-grass from Greek xyron, "razor", with reference to a plant that has two-edged leaves.
xyrophobia (s) (noun), xyrophobias (pl)
An abnormal fear of razors: Sam has a xyrophobia about shaving with an edge tool for this purpose because it often cuts him and causes bleeding, so he has a long beard!
xyrospasm, keirospasm
1. An occupational spasm or neurosis seen in barbers and involving the muscles of the forearm and the wrist.
2. Shaving cramp; an occupational dystonia affecting the hands and fingers of barbers.

Related "scrape, scratch; shave; razor" word families: rad-, ras-, raz-; xys-.