villi-, vill- +

(Latin: tuft of hair, fleece; a villus, a small protrusion, especially arising from a mucous membrane)

Having or bearing villi.
1. In the form of or resembling a minute projection; a villus.
2. Having the form of a villus or of villi.
3. Shaped and set so as to resemble the pile of velvet; such as, the teeth of certain fishes.
A hormone hypothesized to exist in the duodenum, stimulating villus movement and being released by action of hydrochloric acid on the mucous membrane.
An intracellular protein found in the intestinal epithelium and elsewhere.

It severs microfilaments at high calcium concentrations and blocks their growth at low calcium concentrations.

villose, villous
Shaggy with soft hairs; covered with villi.
villositis, villitis
Inflammation of the villous surface of the placenta.
The condition of being covered with villi.
Pubescent, shaggy, covered with fine long hairs, but the hairs not matted.
villus (s), villi (pl)
1. One of the minute, worm-like processes on certain membranes; especially, on the mucous membrane of the small intestine, where they serve in absorbing nutriments.
2. One of the long, soft, straight hairs covering the fruit, flowers, and other parts of certain plants.
Synovectomy; excision of a synovial villus.