vaccino-, vaccin-, vaccini-, vacci-, vacc- +

(Latin: of, or pertaining to, a cow; a bovine)

Scientific Latin, suspension of killed or attenuated (alive but weakened) microorganisms administered orally or by injection for the prevention or treatment of infectious diseases.
antivaccinationist, antivaccinist (s); antivaccinationists, antivaccinists (pl) (nouns)
Anyone who is opposed to vaccinations.
autogenous vaccine (s), autogenous vaccines (s) (nouns)
Designating a vaccine which is made from a patient's own micro-organisms.
autovaccination (s), autovaccinations (pl) (nouns)
1. The injection of an autovaccine into the body.
2. The use of antigenic products derived from an invading organism or the diseased tissue of an individual to invoke antibody synthesis.
autovaccine (s), autovaccines (pl) (nouns)
A bacterial vaccine derived from micro-organism cultures obtained from the patient's own tissues or secretions.
autovaccinotherapy (s), autovaccinotherapies (pl) (nouns)
The therapeutic use of autovaccines; autovaccination.
bovovaccination (s), bovovaccinations (pl) (nouns)
The inoculation of cattle with bovovaccine to prevent tuberculosis.
bovovaccine (s), bovovaccines (pl) (nouns)
A vaccine for cattle against tuberculosis; specifically, the vaccine of E. von Behring, a German bacteriologist (1854-1917).
dermovaccine (s), dermovaccines (pl) (nouns)
A vaccine prepared from scrapings of skin lesions caused by inoculation with a virus, usually vaccina virus.
echidnovaccine (s), echidnovaccines (pl) (nouns)
Viper venom that has been deprived of its poisonous power by heating.

It is used as a vaccine against venom.

endovaccination (s), endovaccinations (pl) (nouns)
The administration of vaccines orally or by mouth.
fetal vaccinia (pl) (noun)
Vaccinia of the fetus due to bloodborne dissemination of vaccinia virus in a pregnant woman after a primary smallpox vaccination. It is frequently lethal to the fetus.
hexavaccine (s) (noun)
A vaccine composed of six different antigens.
invaccinate, invaccinates; invaccinated; invaccinating (verbs)
To introduce into the bodily system by vaccination.
invaccination (s), invaccinations (pl) (nouns)
Introduction or implanting into the body by vaccination.
lipovaccine (s), lipovaccines (pl) (nouns)
1. A vaccine prepared by suspending the microorganisms in vegetable oil. Absorption of antigenic material is thereby delayed.
2. A vaccine having a vegetable oil as a solvent.

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