astrapo-, astrap-

(Greek: lightning; the Greek verb strapto means "to hurl")

astraphobia, astrapophobia (s) (noun); astraphobias, astrapophobias (pl)
A horrific fear of the earsplitting, explosive clamor and bolts of bright lights from the sky: Astrapophobia presents an air of terrifying finality, like the clap of doom, and some people tremble at the thought of being struck by lightning, and therefore they have a horror of thunderstorms.
A man is terribly afraid of lightening.
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astraphobiac, astrapophobiaiac (s) (noun); astraphobiacs, astrapophobiaiacs (pl)
A person who has an abnormal fear of streaks of flashes from the sky: There are astrapophobiacs who fear lightning so much that they will not go outdoors on a day when rain is forecast.

Here lies a man who was killed by lightning.

He died when his prospects seemed to be brightening.

—Seen on a British tombstone.
astrapomancy (s) (noun), astrapomancies (pl)
Divination, or fortune telling, by observing and interpreting lightning.
astrapomania (s) (noun); astrapomanias (pl)
An unusually strong fascination or crazy desire to see lightening and thunder storms.
astrapomaniac (s) (noun); astrapomaniacs (pl)
Any one who has an unusual fondness for or a strong attraction to lightning: Astrapomaniacs had better hope that lightning does not have an attraction to them!
Astrapotherium magnum (Great Lightning Beast)
An extinct South American mammal which vaguely resembled a cross between a small elephant, and a very large tapir.

Cross references of word groups that are related, directly or indirectly, to: "lightning and/or thunder": bronto-; cerauno-, kerauno-; fulgur-; tonitro-, tonitru-.