tricho-, trich-, -tricha, -trichia, -trichan, -trichic, -trichosis, -trichous, -thrix, -trichum, -trichy +

(Greek: hair [thread; filament; condition of the hair])

A grayness of hair.
1. Absence or loss of pigment (colored substances) in the hair.
2. A lack or deficiency of pigment in hair.
A slender, horny, flexible, unsegmented fibril (hair-like) which strengthens the embryonic fin fold and which may persist in the outer edge of the adult fin membrane or in the adipose fin.
actinotrichium (s) (noun), actinotrichia (pl)
One of a group of threadlike (hairlike) fibers in the finfolds of fish larvae that eventually develop into fin rays.

The actinotrichia are slender, horny, flexible, unsegmented fibrils which strengthen the embryonic finfold, or the unjointed horny rays at the edge of fins in many fish.

Actinotrichia are translucent, exhibit birefringence (double refraction) and are composed of a scleroprotein, called elastoidine.

amphitrichous, amphitrichate
Having a flagellum or flagella (hairlike structures) at both extremities of a microbial cell; denoting certain microorganisms.
Baldness (no hair).
Absence of hair, congenital or acquired.
Absence of hair, congenital or acquired.
atrichous (adjective), more atrichous, most atrichous
A reference to the absence of hair either congenital (from birth) or acquired during life: There are some men who prefer to have atrichous heads instead of having hair to take care of.
chromotrichial (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to, or referring to, the coloring of hair; relating to chromotrichia: The hairdresser showed Mary many possibilities of chromotrichial that she could choose from for her next visit.
A congenital or acquired condition in which minute nodes are formed in the hair shafts; splitting and breaking, complete or incomplete, may occur at these points or nodes.
A genus of sheathed bacteria; cells are nonmotile, sheaths are attached and encrusted with iron and manganese oxides, and filaments may have swollen tips.
1. A condition marked by hair growing on the legs; especially, when excessive.
2. Any disease of or affecting hair located on the legs (may even include hair in the scrotum or genital areas).
cymotrichous (adjective)
Having wavy hair or curly hair or curly headiness: "The cymotrichous boy had his hair cut short so it wouldn't be so curly."
cymotrichy (s) (noun)
Smooth, wavy, and curly hair: "His cymotrichy was the envy of many women and even some other men."