temno-, temn-

(Greek: to cut, cutting; literally, a piece cut off)

apotemnophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
A dread of being around people who have an amputation or a fear that one will lose an appendage: Jane became afflicted with apotemnophobia because she was afraid and terrified of saying the wrong thing or acting in the wrong way when encountering such a handicapped person.
autotemnous (adjective), more autotemnous, most autotemnous
1. A reference to being capable of spontaneous division.
2. Pertaining to a cell that propagates itself by fission, or cell division, without being previously joined together.
temenos (s), temene (pl)
The sacred area surrounding a temple in Greek antiquity.

A sacred precinct, literally, a place cut off, a section.

Greek temenos (τέμενος, from the Greek verb τέμνω "to cut"). It was a piece of land cut off and declared to be an official domain, especially to kings and chiefs, or a piece of land marked off from common uses and dedicated to a god, a sanctuary, a holy grove, or a holy precinct.

Examples of temene: The Pythian race-course was called a temenos; as well as, the sacred valley of the Nile, the Acropolis was the temenos of Pallas, and Olympia was the temenos of Zeus.

Related cutting-word units: cast-; castrat-; -cise, -cide; -ectomy; mutil-; put-; sec-, seg-; -tomy; trunc-.