splendo-, splend- +

(Latin: to shine, shining; to gleam, to glisten; illustrious; bright; brilliant, brilliance; magnificent, sumptuous)

1. Unusual mental ability; exceptional intelligence, ability, skill, or talent.
2. The quality of being magnificent, splendid, or grand.
1. A quality that outshines the usual.
2. Splendor; glitter; great brightness.
1. Extremely bright or radiant; such as, brilliant sunshine or a brilliant smile.
2. Showing exceptional intelligence, ability, skill, or talent; having or marked by unusual and impressive intelligence: "She was a brilliant computer technician."
3. Distinguished by excellence.
4. Imposingly splendid or magnificent.
5. Etymology: from French, "sparkling, shining"; present participle of briller, "to shine"; from Italian brillare, "sparkle, whirl"; probably from Vulgar Latin berillare; from berillus, "beryl, precious stone"; from Latin beryllus and Greek beryllos, "hard, lustrous mineral".
Fortuna vitrea est, tum quum splendet, frangitur. (Latin proverb)
Translation: Fortune is of glass; she glitters just at the moment of breaking.
Non teneas aurum totum quod splendet ut aurum.
Do not take as gold everything that shines like gold.

A better known version is "All that glitters is not gold."

Brilliant, radiant beauty.
Brilliant luster; vivid brightness; splendor.
1. Having a dazzlingly impressive appearance.
2. Splendid or dazzling in appearance; brilliant.
3. Shining brilliantly; gleaming; richly and brilliantly colorful.
1. In an impressively beautiful manner.
2. Having a very bright or splendid appearance.
1. Shining; glossy; beaming with light; lustrous; as, splendent planets; splendent metals.
2. Reflecting light so that it shines.
3. Distinguished or illustrious.
4. Admired by many.
1. Having great beauty and splendor.
2. Characterized by or attended with brilliance or grandeur.
3. Impressive because of quality or size.
4. Reflecting light brilliantly.
5. Excellent or highly enjoyable.
6. Very well known and acclaimed.
1. In an impressively beautiful manner.
2. In a fine or admirable way; such as, a splendidly restored old castle.
3. With great brightness or brilliant light.
4. Magnificently; sumptuously; richly; as, a house splendidly furnished.
5. With great pomp or show: "The king was splendidly attired."
1. A brilliance of light or color; radiant: "We admired the splendidness of the field of roses."
2. A showiness or grandeur; magnificent: "The splendidness of the costumes in the parade impressed just about everyone."
3. An admiration by many; illustrious.
4. Admirable for boldness or purity; surpassing.
5. Being very good or satisfying; praiseworthy: "Her splendidness of success with the examinations made her parents very proud."
Having great beauty and splendor: "The village had a kind of splendiferous native simplicity."
splendor, splendour
1. The quality of being magnificent or splendid or grand.
2. A quality that outshines the usual.
3. Something that is magnificent, impressive, or brilliant; such as, the splendors of ancient Greece.
3. Great light or luster; brilliance.
4. Magnificent appearance or display; grandeur.
5. Great fame and glory.

Etymologically related "light, shine, glow" word families: ethero-; fulg-; luco-; lumen-, lum-; luna, luni-; lustr-; phengo-; pheno-; phospho-; photo-; scinti-, scintill-.