sopor-, sop-

(Latin: sleep, deep sleep)

sopor (s) (noun), sopors (pl)
A profoundly or unnaturally deep sleep: When a person has a sopor, he or she has a pathological condition of unnaturally deep sleep.

In certain contexts, sopor can also mean "lethargy" and not actual sleep.

soporal (adjective), more soporal, most soporal
Relating to or pertaining to sleep.
soporate (verb), soporates; soporated; soporating
To put to sleep; to stupefy or to make someone unable to think or feel properly.
soporation (s) (noun), soporations (pl)
A putting or lulling to sleep.
soporifacient (s) (noun), soporifacients (pl)
Something that causes a person to go to sleep or to become very drowsy: Some examples of soporifacients include certain medications that are taken.
soporiferous (adjective), more soporiferous, most soporiferous
A reference to inducing or promoting a deep or a profound slumber.
soporiferously (adverb), more soporiferously, most soporiferously
Characterized by unnatural or excessive sleep; lethargic: During his trip, James was soporiferously affected with a numbness that was caused by a lack of enough sleep.
soporiferousness (s) (noun) (no plural was found)
The state or quality of being sleepy or in a lethargic condition.
soporific (s) (noun), soporifics (pl)
A written instruction by a medical practitioner that authorizes a patient to be provided a medicine that induces sleep: The doctor prescribed a soporific for Tim's insomnia.

Jake told his wife that wine is a soporific, or sleep inducer, for him.

soporific (adjective), more soporific, most soporific
1. A reference to an agent or situation that causes a person or people to slumber: The politician's soporific speech put many of the those in the auditorium to sleep.
2. Of the nature of, characterized by, or belonging to sleep or sleepiness: Karon's mother complained that the soporific weather was making her feel sluggish and apathetic.
3. Etymology: from Latin sopor, "sleep" + -ific, from -ficus, from facere, "to do, to make".
A reference to causing someone to sleep.
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Relating to causing sleep.
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Characteristic of causing people to go to sleep.
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soporifically (adverb), more soporifically, most soporifically
Conveying a situation of condition that causes people to become drowsy or very sleepy: The soporifically abnormal heat of the summer resulted in many who were unable to get adequate sleep.
soporose (adjective), more soporose, most soporose
Descriptive of or characterized by morbid sleep, stupor, or abnormal slumber.
soporous (noun), more soporous, most soporous
Relating to being associated or affected with a coma or a profound slumber; resembling sound sleep.
unsoporiferous (adjective), more unsoporiferous, most unsoporiferous
A reference to being unable or incapable of going to sleep.
unsoporiferously (adverb), more unsoporiferously; most unsoporiferously
Conveying an inability to sleep.

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