ptyalo-, ptyal-, ptya-, pty- +

(Greek: spittle, salivia; salivary gland)

aptyalism (s) (noun), aptyalisms (pl)
A deficiency or the complete lack of saliva secretion: When Gerald has significant aptyalisms, it becomes very difficult or impossible for him to have enough saliva to moisten his mouth to begin the digestive process, and to lubricate food while he tries to chew and swallow.

Since Martin is afflicted with aptyalism, he has a very dry mouth and has a problem eating without frequent sips of water.

glycoptyalismm glycosialia
Sugar in the saliva or the presence of glucose in the saliva.
Excessive salivation.
1. Decreased or reduced secretion of saliva.
2. Abnormally decreased salivation, as in xerostomia; also termed, hyposalivation and hyposialosis.
1. Deficiency of saliva.
2. Slight or scanty secretion of saliva; also, oligosialia.
Accumulation and drooling of saliva due to dysphagia.
ptyalagogue (s) (noun), ptyalagogues (pl)
A drug that promotes the flow of saliva; sialogogue: Ptyalagogue can be any agent that stimulates the flow of saliva (e.g., anticholinesterase agents).

Ptyalagogue is a medicine that increases salivation or promotes the discharge of saliva.

Spontaneous or surgical dilatation of one or both salivary ducts.
ptyaline, ptylin
1. An enzyme found in the saliva of humans and herbivorous animals that helps in the predigestion of starches.
2. A saliva enzyme which hydrolyzes starch.
3. A form of amylase in the saliva of humans and some animals that catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch into maltose and dextrin.
To expel or eject (saliva or phlegm or sputum) from the mouth.
ptyalism, ptyalisms
1. The excessive secretion of saliva.
2. Excessive flow of saliva.
Calculus in a salivary gland. Calculus is also known as an incrustation on the teeth consisting of salivary secretion, food residue, and various salts; such as, calcium carbonate.
To increase or stimulate the secretion of saliva.
1. A cystic tumor containing saliva.
2. A cyst formed under the tongue by obstruction of the duct of the submaxillary gland.
1. Causing the formation or secretion of saliva.
2. Formed from or by the action of saliva.

Other related saliva and/or spittle units: salivo-; sialo-; sput-.