pimelo-, pimel-, pimele- +

(Greek: [soft] fat)

pimelitis (s) (noun), pimenlities; pimenlitides (pl)
Inflammation of adipose tissue; panniculitis: Pimelitis, an outdated term, is a swelling and soreness of the layer of fat below the skin, particularly in the abdomen.

Pimelitis is associated with trauma, with a variety of pancreatic disorders, and with several joint disorders.

pimeloma (s) (noun), pimelomas; pimelomata (pl)
Lipoma, a nonmalignant tumor containing fat cells: Pimeloma is a benign, soft rubbery, encapsulated tumor of adipose tissue, usually composed of mature fat cells.
pimelopterygium (s) (noun), pimelopterygiums; pimelopterygia (pl)
A fatty outgrowth upon the conjunctiva: Jane went to her ophthalmologist's because her vision was hindered somehow, and Dr. Green said that she had pimelpterygium, also described as a protuberance containing fat on the mucous membrane that lined the eyelids and was reflected onto the eyeball.
pimelorrhea (s) (noun), pimelorrheas (pl)
Passage of fat in large amounts in the feces: Pimelorrhea is a kind of diarrhea that contains fat in the stools.
pimelorthopnea (s) (noun), pimelorthopneas (pl)
Dyspnea while lying down, due to obesity; piothophea: Chuck had difficulty breathing in any but the erect posture and went to see his doctor who said that this ailment, called pimelorthopnea, was due to being so much overweight and that he must go on a strict diet to lose weight.
pimelosis (s) (noun), pimeloses (pl)
Any health condition distinguished by a build-up of fatty tissue; lipomatosis: Kitty learned in her biology class that the obsolete term pimelosis referred to being totally overweight and that a degeneration of the tissues could take place causing them to be less functional.
pimeluria (s) (noun) (no pl)
The presence of oil or fat in the urine; lipuria: After Diana's urine was analysed at Dr. Black's office, she was informed that she had a case of pimeluria, or the discharge of fat in the liquid excretory product of her body, which should be treated immediately.

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