omento-, oment- +

(Latin: fat, adipose tissue; and by extension, caul, intestines)

omental (s) (adjective) (not comparable)
In anatomy, a reference to or pertaining to an omentum; epiploic: When Mr White went for his examination, his doctor diagnosed him as having an omental infarction which was verified by the computed tomography of his abdomen.
omentectomy, omentumectomy (s) (noun); omentectomies; omentumectomies (pl)
Excision of all, or a portion of the omentum: An omentectomy is performed by an extended midline incision to remove a part of or all of the folds of the peritoneum, or omentum.
omentitis (s) (noun), omentitides: omentitises (pl)
Inflammation of the omentum: Mrs. Smith had pains in her abdomen area and her doctor said that she had a case of omentitis, a soreness and swelling of the peritoneum which had to be treated.
omentofixation (s) (noun), omentofixations (pl)
In general, an operation in which one of the folds of the peritoneum connects the stomach with other abdominal organs that is fastened to some other tissue, especially one in which it is used as a circulatory bridge to reduce congestion or to provide vascular nutrition: The omentumfixation is a sheet of fat that is covered by the peritoneum or a smooth transparent membrane that lines the abdomen and doubles back over the surfaces of the internal organs to form a continuous sac.

The greater omentumfixation is attached to the bottom edge of the stomach, and hangs down in front of the intestines while its other edge is attached to the transverse colon.

The lesser omentumfixation is attached to the top edge of the stomach, and extends to the under surface of the liver.

omentoplasty (s) (noun), omentoplasties (pl)
In surgery, the reparation of the omentum: Omentoplasty is the procedure that uses omental grafts to cover raw surfaces in abdominal surgery or as a graft in rejoining tissues.
omentoportography (s) (noun) (no pl)
Roentgenography of the hepatic protal veins: An omentoportography can be viewed after an injection of a contrast medium into the gastroepiploic vein in the base of the omentum.
omentorrhaphy (s) (noun), omentorrhaphies (pl)
Suture or repair of the omentum: Dr. Thompson informed Jack of the upcoming omentorrhaphy whereby the opening in the momentum would be mended by stiching the parts together. .
omentosplenopexy (s) (noun), omentosplenopexies (pl)
A surgical procedure in which the omentum and the spleen are suspended from the abdominal wall to prevent ptosis or torsion: Omentosplenopexy involves the attachment of the spleen and omentum, or in other words, combining or coordinating splenopexy and omentopexy.
omentotomy (s) (noun), omentotomies (pl)
In surgery, an older term for an incision of the omentum: Dr. Gregory told his patient that a simple surgical omentotomy should be made in order to cure his illness.
omentovolvulus (s) (noun), omentovolvuluses (pl)
Volvulus of the omentum: Bob complained about having severe pains in his abdomen and, after a few examinations, his doctor told him that a twisting of his omentum had occurred, called omentovolvulus, and should be treated at once.
omentum (s) (noun), omenta (pl)
A fold of peritoneum extending from the stomach to adjacent organs in the abdominal cavity: Omentum is used in the sense of "pertaining to either pair of peritoneal folds that connect the stomach to the adjacent organs".

    Three divisions of the omentum are commonly recognized:

  • The gastro-colic or greater omentum descending over a part of the intestines from the lower border of the stomach to the transverse colon.
  • The gastro-hepatic, hepato-gastric, or lesser omentum extending from the liver to the smaller curvature of the stomach.
  • The gastro-splenic omentum connecting the cardiac end of the stomach with the spleen.

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