angusti-, angust-

(Latin: narrow, tight, slender, thin)

Ad augusta per angust. (Latin phrase)
Translation: "To honors through difficulties."

Augusta refers to holy places and angusta to narrow spaces, therefore sometimes we cannot achieve great results without suffering by squeezing through narrow spaces.

anguish (s) (noun), anguishes (pl)
1. An excruciating mental distress, a physical suffering, or an emotional pain: Mona was in a state of anguish when her cat ran away and she was afraid it was lost in the fields.
2. Etymology: from Old French anguisse, angoisse, "choking sensation, distress, anxiety, rage"; from Latin angustia, "tight place; tightness, straitness, narrowness"; figuratively "distress, difficulty," from ang(u)ere, "to throttle, to torment, to make narrow".
Agony, excruciating distress.
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A cry of suffering acute pain.
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anguish (verb), anguishes; anguished; anguishing
To suffer great emotional pains or distress: "Athena is anguishing over the loss of her sister."
anguish, languish
anguish (ANG gwish) (noun)
Extreme anxiety or emotional torment; grief, woe: The mother waited in anguish for news of her missing child.
languish (LANG gwish) (verb)
1. To undergo hardship as a result of being deprived of something, typically attention, independence, or freedom: Alex lost his accustomed vigor and was about to languish in the tropical climate.
2. To long for something that is being denied; to pine for: After days in the hospital without visitors, Brad could only languish for the sight of his family.

When Tim had to languish in his bed for such a long time because he was ill, he started to experience a sense of anguish that he might not ever be well again.

angust (adjective) (not comparable)
Strait, narrow, compressed.
angustate (adjective) (not comparable)
Narrowed, a reference to leaves which are narrowed at the base.
angustated (adjective), more angustated; most angustated
Narrowed, contracted.
angustation (s) (noun), angustations (pl)
Something that is narrow or contracted.
angusticlave (s) (noun), angusticlaves (pl)
1. A narrow purple stripe or a band of purple that was worn by the equites or members of the Roman equestrian order, on each side of the tunic as a sign of rank.

"The equites were an order of knights holding a middle place between the senate and the commonalty or members a social order that was distinguished by wealth and ranking just below the rank of senators."

2. Etymology: from Latin angustus, "narrow" + clavus, "a nail, a stripe"; from Roman antiquity.
angusticlavus (s) (noun), augusticlavia (pl)
In ancient Rome, it was a Roman tunica, or "tunic", embroidered with little purple studs: "The angusticlavia were worn by Roman knights."
angustifoliate (adjective), more angustifoliate, most angustifoliate
Plants that have thin or narrow leaves.
angustirostral, angustirostrate (s) (noun); angustirostrals, angustirostrates (pl)
Animals with a narrow beak or snout.
angustiseptate (adjective), more angustiseptate, most angustiseptate
Having a silicula (broad, flat capsule) laterally compressed with a narrow septum (dividing wall or enclosure).
angustness (s) (noun), angustnesses (pl)
Narrowness, tightness, contraction.
Per angusta ad augusta (Latin motto)
Through difficulties to honor because sometimes we can not achieve great results without suffering by squeezing through narrow spaces.