meato-, meat-, mea-

(Latin: opening or passageway in the body, bodily opening or canal; or to go, to pass; a passage)

impermeable (adjective), more impermeable, most impermeable
Conveying a surface that does not allow a passage through it, especially liquids; waterproof: Most buildings have impermeable roofs which prevent rain from passing into the rooms that exist under them.
irremeable (adjective), more irremeable, most irremeable
Descriptive of something that is impossible to go through: Because of a terrorist attack, Sam's country declared an irremeable border so no one could enter or leave it unless permitted to do so by the government authorities.
meatal (adjective), more meatal, most meatal
Relating to a body opening or passage way: A doctor was examining the meatal tubes in Tina's ears in an effort to determine what was causing her loss of hearing.
meatomastoidectomy (s) (noun), meatomastoidectomies (pl)
An incision of the mastoid process to enlarge the passage in the nipple-shaped mastoid portion of the temporal bone that extends downward and forward behind the external auditory meatus (opening).

The auditory, or acoustic, meatomastoidectomies consists of two passages in the ear; the external acoustic meatus leads from the auricle to the tympanic membrane (eardrum) and the internal acoustic meatus which is for the passage of nerves and blood vessels.

meatome (s) (noun), meatomes (pl)
A surgical knife with a probe or guarded point for enlarging a canal through a part of the body by direct incision.
meatometer (s) (noun), meatometers (pl)
A device to measure the width of a human's urinary passage or tube.
A speculum (mirror, or looking-glass) for examining a natural passage; such as, the urethra.
A visual examination of a meatus (opening or passage); especially, the urinary meatus or a ureteral orifice (tube that conveys urine from the bladder to the outside).
meatus (s) (noun), meatuses or meatus (pl)
A tubular opening or a canal through a part of the body: This element usually involves the external auditory meatus or the tube in the outer ear that goes to the eardrum.
permeability (s) (noun), permeabilities (pl)
The characteristic of something that can be penetrated by a liquid: The gravel walkway up to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Black had much more permeability than the neighbours walkway which was made of stone.
permeable (adjective), more permeable, most permeable
Inclined to be penetrable: Jane uses a permeable coffee filter in her coffee machine to let the boiling water flow through the coffee grains to make a wonderful coffee in the morning.

A cross reference of other word family units that are related directly, indirectly, or partially with: "opening, hole, cavity, tract, tube": alveolo-; antro-; anu-; celo-; coelio-; concho-; fenestra-; hernio-; hiat-; ora-; parieto-; poro-; pyl-, pyle-; pylor-; sphinctero-; splanchn-; stomato-; syringo-; uretero-; urethro-; vagino-; ventricul-.